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Employment Info

Herbafex Landscaping
  • Competitive Pay
  • Consistent Work Hours
  • Year-Round Employment
  • Well-maintained Equipment
  • Friendly Co-Workers
  • Quality Client Base
  • Drug-Free Workplace


Herbafex provides professional landscaping and pest control services. Your duties will be based on your skills & abilities. We will not give you tasks that you are unable to properly perform to the highest of standards.


Herbafex cares greatly about your success, our company success, and our client's overall satisfaction. For quality employees that are seeking long-term employment, we will invest in you by providing training.


If you are ready to put your best foot forward by coming to work for Herbafex, we encourage you to apply.

  • Pest Control Specialists

    Herbafex are pest control specialists that will rid your property of all those creepy crawlers and give you your sanity back.

    Landscape Professionals

    Herbafex are landscaping professionals that can bring form & function to your property and maintain it all, too.

  • Hydrawise Authorized Installers

    Herbafex are the only authorized installers in our area for the Hydrawise wi-fi Irrigation control system by Hunter.

    Irrigation Experts

    Herbafex are water irrigation experts ready to assist you with all of your plants & property water distribution needs.