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Residential Lawn Care

Herbafex Lawncare Info
  • Complete Lawn Management
  • Shrub Management Program
  • Soil Samples & Nutritional Analysis
  • Lawn Spraying & Pesticides Programs
  • Aeration & Dethatching
  • Turf Care & Lawn Refurbishment
  • Organic Fertilizers

Herbafex Makes Lawn Care Easy

With over 18 years of turfgrass management experience, our residential turf program has been developed by one of the best in our area. The products used in Herbafex’s turf care program are custom formulated for our local soils to provide long term solutions for our lawns. Pesticides are timed with the lifecycle of a pest, along with the season. This ensures high efficiency with both cost and performance. We also handle weeds with proprietary smart tactics for the pre-control of weed germination and post removal of present weeds.

Our turf and shrub program changes each year, so that it is constantly improving and adapting to our changing environment. Organic fertilizers provide continual feeding for several months covering the entire growing seasons.

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  • Pest Control Specialists

    Herbafex are pest control specialists that will rid your property of all those creepy crawlers and give you your sanity back.

    Landscape Professionals

    Herbafex are landscaping professionals that can bring form & function to your property and maintain it all, too.

  • Hydrawise Authorized Installers

    Herbafex are the only authorized installers in our area for the Hydrawise Wi-Fi Irrigation control system by Hunter.

    Irrigation Experts

    Herbafex are water irrigation experts ready to assist you with all of your plants & property water distribution needs.